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About the TG Symbol

Where did it come from?

Artwork for your use

July, 1994

It's all over the web now. Maybe you've seen it around, most likely at GLBT events. Most folks seem to like it. Now here's the scoop on what it's all about.


It's a symbol for the transgender community. A symbol of pride and freedom. A rallying point. As a pin, something to hold your blouse closed when a button pops, or your tie in place when you forget your tie clip.


The symbol has turned up in some surprising places

Don't blame me, I didn't invent it. Holly Boswell, in North Carolina, drew it for Wendy Parker, who drew it for me and suggested that I do something with it on my computer. Ever the gullible puppy, I agreed to make a pin of it.

I made it of soft shapes, to connote gentility, accommodation, permission. I placed it on a lavender triangle 'cause it's time we, the crossdressing - transsexual - transgender community, took a stand in support of the gay community. I chose bright blue for strength, and 'cause I liked the way it looked.

I showed the design to as many folks as I could, and they all said "We like it. Go for it."


It links the internationally accepted symbols for male and female together with a new entity, which is a combination of the two, and which we call transgender. Some say the transgender are the missing link, whose destiny is to restore the connection between man and woman. Some also say wheatgrass enemas are good for you. The symbol simply represents the potential.

The symbol includes everyone, excluding none. The circle is a symbol of wholeness, and represents the wholeness of a society which includes the transgender. The misdirection of a society that ridicules the transgender is implied.


It may say "I am transgender, and proud enough to let you know that's what I am." Or it may say "I am a friend of the transgender, and I want you to know it." Deep in our hearts, though, it says "Isn't this pretty?" or "Ain't I cool!"


The symbol of a circle joining the elements of male, female, and the two combined, came from many sources, and is owned by none. Please use it.

The representation that you see as a lavender triangle and blue symbol with rounded line ends, executed with symmetry throughout, belongs to Nangeroni Design, i.e. me. I give the symbol as a service to our community, for everyone's use. I would ask that we make it stand for honor & integrity, compassion for all, and good humor.
Sorry, but I no longer provide the pins.

- Nancy R. Nangeroni

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