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Hate Crime Survivors to Lobby

From Ethan St. Pierre:


Families United Against Hate are gathering a group of LGBT hate crime survivors and allies to stand side by side and lobby Congress in support of an explicitly inclusive hate crimes bill and to send the message that anything less is unacceptable.

Families United Against Hate ( offers support, guidance and assistance to families and individuals dealing with incidents based on bias; and to the people, organizations and agencies who serve and support them.

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Leading the kids

This one's just too good to not share, from

"Bush administration regulators approved children’s lunch boxes that were laden with more than 10 times hazardous levels of lead, then lied about it and refused to release details of their tests, an AP investigation revealed. The administration’s excuse: food in the lunch boxes 'may have an outer wrapping, a baggie, so there isn’t direct exposure.' "

These jackasses approved poisonous containers for our kids' lunches, hid the fact when it was discovered and then lied about it.

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Comments now Moderated

To avoid spam, I'm now moderating all comments. Sorry about that; I will try to review new comments at least daily. I will delete only spam, while bouncing self-promoting or attack comments with an explanation why. If anyone has a better idea for how to manage this, I'm interested.

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Sexualization of Girls

There's little doubt that the presence of highly sexualized images of women in western society has been on the rise for a long time. The effect of these images, sadly, is to undermine the self-esteem of girls and women, and to buttress the subordination of women to men. Such images also give rise in the male mind to unrealizable fantasies, diminishing the chances of couples finding authenticity and satisfaction in their partnering. We all pay the price of this.

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Interesting transpoz video

There's a video on YouTube called "Out Of The Shadows - Transgender Children" that does a nice job of introducing the subject. It includes thought-provoking "Transgender Children's Top Ten" and "Transgender Children's Bill of Rights". Must-see viewing for caring family and service providers. Congratulations to Trans Youth Family Advocates on a nice piece of work that should be of great value to a lot of people.

Check it out here.

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"Sir'd" Again

Gordene and I were sitting in the tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, crone haven & witch capitol of the world, when it happened. The waiter brought me my beer and said, "Enjoy your meal, sir." And so, once again, my past has betrayed me. I have been "read". Someone has seen me as the man I used to be, rather than as the woman I try to be.

Whenever this happens, my heart plummets, my pulse quickens, and a tinge of discomfort floods my mind. What should I do? Is it worth risking public humiliation to correct his error? By not doing so, am I disrespecting myself? Or is it better to just cruise along as if nothing happened?

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Property and Respect

For many years now it has been generally accepted that one person may not be considered to be the property of another. To allow so would be to disrespect the person whose ownership would reside in another person (although we make an exception for children). However, even with children, it would be an insult, a slight, to refer to them as "property". To be the property of a person, any person, no matter how well intended, is a repugnant concept to us.

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Sorry we've been away...

... but good things are happening here in Massachusetts. Thanks to the hard work of the members of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), a bill has been introduced into the Massachusetts state legislature that would add "gender expression or identity" to existing statutes regarding employment, hate crimes, and education. [learn more]

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Prosperity in 2007

Happy New Year!

I hereby declare that the theme for 2007 will be "Prosperity". Do I see some nods of agreement? A lot of us, particularly those concerned with social justice and equality, have been taking a beating, economically and otherwise, for years. But, thanks to an awakening populace that voted well this past November, our star is now rising. Just how far it rises remains to be seen, but I am feeling today a kind of hopefulness that has been absent for years.

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Happy Holidaze!

Warmest wishes of the season to you and your loved ones. May the new year bring new life to our visions for a more prosperous and peaceful future for all people, animals, and the earth as a whole.

Nancy & Gordene

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